I found where they’re coming from!!

Megan and her article got attacked on A Voice for Men, which is apparently a “Men’s Right’s Advocate” website. Their second link in their “best of” is “Dear Sluts,” so we know they’re obviously upstanding citizens. Here’s a wonderful little exerpt of the article on this amazing and not-at-all sexist page:

Milanese continues with the “sit down and shut up” directive for male feminists. A male feminist should never “mansplain.” According to her this is condescension that occurs when a man explains something to a woman that she thinks she already knows all there is to know on a particular subject. What I find interesting about this position is her condescending attitude towards men as if men cannot have a conflicting view of reality. Further chuckles are had when she asserts that men were not necessary for feminists to win the “vote, Title IX, Roe v Wade, legal access to contraceptives, a single woman elected to office, the small narrowing of the wage gap that has occurred.” Funny thing, if men had not changed laws, policies, procedures, rules, working conditions, and been willing to step aside, what would have been gained by feminists?

Then of course she objects to gender-based slurs. Although I occasionally find them useful, for the most part I have to agree. But her assertion that gender-based slurs can only be used against women is ludicrous. While women may be denigrated by language such as “whore, bitch, or slut” men may also be denigrated with language like “bastard, fag, creep, womanizer, pig, etc.

Just… I have no words.

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    ^^ awesome commentary is awesome. rah rah rah we need men’s rights!! but women are basically children who ask for things...
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    Omg this is the scariest website I have ever seen full of angry angry men. If you have to record phone conversations,...
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    (I had to bold for emphasis. I just had to.) In the comments, I also got called a “skank feminist”. But misogyny is...
  6. coeur-de-porcelaine said: For more examples of extreme and absurd misogyny (with bonus conspiracy theories), visit manboobz.com, a blog where the owner mocks the MRA movement.I love it.
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